The Top 5 Secrets To Designing A killer iPhone App Site



Here’s the Top 5 Secrets for making a killer website to showcase your iPhone app, courtesy of the WebDesignerWall blog.

“To compete with thousands of iPhone apps in the App Store, having a good app icon is not enough. A nicely designed website for the app is very important. A beautiful website helps to drive traffic in and also makes your app stand out from the crowd.”

Here’s the list:

  • One Page — Your app’s site should be one page. No more, no less.
  • iPhone Image — Use an image of an iPhone running the app as the main design element. Drop shadow or reflection optional.
  • Apple App Store Badge — The download button should be Apple’s App Store badge. Easy to spot and instantly recognizable.
  • Animated Screenshots — All sites show screenshots of their app, but animated screens show it in action.
  • Display Pricing — It’s frustrating for prospective customers to not know the price up front.