Repix App Lets You Remix Pics



Repix is a universal app for editing your pictures. Stop me if you’ve heard that before. But even if you were to just on level of polish alone, Repix is already way above the competition. And if we take a look at what it does to your photos, we’ll see that the developer, Sumoing, has a potentially huge hit on its hands.

The app does two things. Regular adjustment – brightness, vignetting, contrast and so on – plus image remixing. It comes loaded with a bunch of brushes which let you paint effects straight onto the image. The trick here is that the effects are actually good (mostly), instead of awful and cheesy.

There are brushes which will remix your pics (hence the name), making them look like they were painted with actual paint, or a kind of charcoal/paint hybrid, or various retro color effects. And then there are those which paint things on to the picture: lens-flare, smoke, sparkles and so on. Amazingly, these aren’t awful either. On the right photo they could actually make it better, and they’ll never be let down by their quality – if you ever used Procreate to “paint” on the iPad, you’ll be familiar with the fluid nature of its brushes. Repix’ brushes are very similar.

But what I like most is the attention to detail in other areas. For instance, the app has its own custom, full-screen photo-picker, ditching the tiny Apple-supplied system picker altogether. It’s bigger, just as fast and way nicer to use. It also has separate sections for your local pictures and your Photo Stream – a nice touch.

This polish continues right down to the instructional intro video, which loads in an in-app browser instead of kicking you out to Safari.

Like the sound of it? Then give it a go. The app is free, and you can buy more brushes as you need them. Better still, you can try the brushes before you buy, making in-app purchases helpful rather than annoying.

The various sets of brushes cost $2 a set, or you can buy them all in one go for $5.


Thanks: Dan!