Huemore, Like Hueless, Only With Color



Fans of the great B&W-shooting iPhone app Hueless will be happy about the launch of Huemore, a color version of the app from the same developer, Curious Satellite. Huemore takes the simplified yet powerful, pared-down interface of its older brother and turns the color back up.

The app is all controlled from one screen, and the idea is that you make all your tweaks before shooting. Arrayed along the left side (in landscape) are controls for various functions. These either act with one tap (cycling through on-screen grids, or through various modes for the iPhone’s flash), or bring up further options right there under your thumb.

These latter options include color filters (which set the mood between warm and cool, or alter everything with a customizable option); manual controls for contrast and exposure, and direct access to many camera functions (the iPhone 5’s High ISO modem for example). You can even save presets of your favorite settings, and share them with other people (or your other devices) via tap-to-immport config files.

In short, it is everything you need in a camera app, and nothing you don’t. It’s also dead easy to use, and can be set to save photos to a special “Huemore” folder in your camera roll.

I’d probably use this as my default camera if it could be accessed by the iPhone’s lock-screen camera shortcut. As it is, I’ll keep shooting vanilla shots with the iPhone’s quick and capable-but-limited built-in camera and processing them later at my leisure.

Huemore is available now, for just $2.

Source: Curious Satellite