Urbanears Slussen Turns Your iPhone Into A Double-Deck DJ Rig



You know how much you hate table drummers and air-scratchers (those morons who tilt their head to hold their air-headphones to their ears while spinning an imaginary vinyl record with their fingers and saying “wika-wika-wik” as they do it)? Well, don’t ever let one of them near Urbanears new Slussen. It’s like giving crack to a baby… Or something.

The Slussen is a horseshoe-shaped dongle which plugs into your iPhone’s headphone jack and splits the output. One is for your headphones, the other for the speakers. The companion app is a DJ app, with two turntables, a cross-fader, track syncing, bpm adjustment, scratch function (groan) and user-settable cue points.

The nifty trick here is that you can cue one track in your headphones while playing another over the speakers. This is the future.

The little plastic widget is designed to sit on your keychain until ready to go. This, along with the demise of actual records, means that DJs will finally have to find a new way to smuggle drugs into the venue, instead of hiding them inside their record boxes.

The Slussen is available now for a mere $15. Review coming soon.

Source: Urbanears

Thanks: Valerie!