Duck & Roll, A Rhythm Game For iOS Featuring Rock ‘N’ Roll Ducks, Is Now Free


We all gotta start somewhere.
We all gotta start somewhere.

You may have figured that the rhythm game genre was finished, what with nary a Rockband, Tap Tap Revenge, or Guitar Hero game to grace the App Store in recent months.

You’d have figured wrong, at least as far as the devs behind updated iOS game, Duck & Roll, are concerned. WildFactor released Duck and Roll last November at a premium price. We can only assume that after several price drops and price increases, they weren’t finding much success.

Luckily, free games can attract an audience. Even more luckily, this one is pretty darn fun.

The conceit here is that you are Jeff the duck, a rock and roll rebel with a family of classically trained musicians who just don’t get your passion for wild music. You take off to live on the streets, honing your chops until you’re discovered by a local band, who you then help propel to fame and fortune with your amazing skills. Sound familiar? Most rhythm games have this sort of meta-progression, so it’s not too surprising.

The tap-tap-tap in Duck & Roll is conducted on static pictures of various stages of your rock n roll lifestyle, with stars that jump up to various portions of the screen, ready for you to tap when they get into position, which is generally synced with the music.

The music is fairly generic, but it doesn’t matter. The rock is competent enough to keep tapping through, and the changing mechanics–tap and slide, swipe through, tap super fast in rhythm, is engaging enough to play through the free levels. There are three additional other songs available for $0.99 cents each, or $1.99 for the entire three pack of add-on songs.

It’s fun, works on iPhone and iPad, is worth a quick download for free, and has extra stuff you can toss money at if you really like it. What’s not to duck, er, dig?

Source: App Store