Twitter Plans To Release Standalone Music App For iOS As Soon As This Month [Rumor]




Last year, Twitter acquired a small music discovery service called We Are Hunted. The site was shut down, and now Twitter might be ready to use it in a big way.

A new report claims that Twitter will launch its own music discovery app for iOS called Twitter Music. If things go well, we might even get the app as soon as this month.

CNET reports that the standalone music app for iOS will suggest artists and songs to listen to based on a variety of different channels so that you get your own personalized music recommendations.

We’ve seen a lot of companies try to create a great music recommendation service, but most of them aren’t that great, so it will be interesting to see if Twitter’s social network is the key to find great music. According to CNET, the music will be streamed to your iPhone via SoundCloud.

The interface for the new app will consist of six tabs, one called #NowPlayer, another for suggestions, one for artists you’re following, one for artist the people you follow follow, one for popular songs, and the last tab will be for rising artists.

While no word was released on price, We Are Hunted was a free service, so we imagine Twitter Music will be free too. It doesn’t sound like it will really take on Rdio and Spotify just yet, but you can think of it as a Shazam and Soundhound competitor when it comes out.


Source: CNET