Developer Dad Hacks An iPad & Minecraft To Control Philips Hue Lights [Video]



Here at Cult of Mac, we’re huge fans of Philips Hue LED lightbulbs and Minecraft. Any hack, then, that mashes together the two and we’re in… especially if there’s a father delighting his ten year old, Minecraft-obsessed son at the end!

Which is why Jim Rutherford’s Hue/Minecraft hack is so awesome. It uses the Hue, Minecraft and an iPad to make the lights around you correspond to the game’s pixellated day cycles.

It’s not a very complicated hack: essentially, Rutherford used the Hue API to program an iPad companion app that, once set, would automatically adjust the lights in the room to get darker and brighter with the setting and rising of the sun.

But man, are the results cool. Even better? Rutherford plans to release the app on the App Store so everyone can try it.

Expensive? Sure. Hue Lightning Systems start at $199. But if you’re a Minecraft die hard, this is taking your fandom to the next level.

Via: Metafilter