Suit Up Your iPhone With This Mark VII Iron Man Power Armor



Tony Stark is essentially Marvel’s answer to Steve Jobs, if Steve Jobs looked like Robert Downey Jr., was kidnapped by the Taliban, had a nuclear reactor installed as a replacement heart, and built himself a set of power armor.

In every other way, though, the two are exactly similar, which is what makes it natural that Steve Jobs’s greatest creation — the iPhone — is now capable of “suiting up” in Tony Stark’s greatest invention, the Mark VII power armor.

This case by famed, far east gadget peddler Brando features a glowing, battery-powered LED arc reactor, and a transforming shoulder panel to reveal the iPhone’s camera lens.

Not bad for just $50, which I’m guessing is at least half of what an actual set of Mark VII power armor would cost.

Source: Brando
Via: Gizmodo