Taxi Turvi Helps You Fight Dodgy Cab Drivers



I hate taxis. I hate having to find one. I hate having to talk to the driver. I hate paying them, and then worrying about how much I’m supposed to tip them (presumably spending the entire journey chatting to their cousins via Bluetooth headset counts as “service.”) So I’m very happy to have Taxi Turvi in my arsenal. It’s a weapon to be wielded against dodgy cabbies.

I have a friend who loves taxi journeys so much that she wants to travel the world in the back of cabs. I find them a constant source of stress. I’m also happy to just walk away without paying if the driver is obviously trying to rip me off, but not everyone is as stupid as me, so they can now fight fraud with evidence.

When you climb into the cab, hit “start” in the Taxi Turvi app. When you arrive at your destination, hit “Stop.” That’s it. Now you can see a map showing your route, and the shorter route the driver probably should have taken. Now, when he tries to charge you according to the meter that’s been running the whole time during his deliberate detour, you can show him the map and hope that he’ll relent.

Still got no satisfaction? You can tap in the driver’s number and post it to Facebook for some public shaming. The app will even recommend a tip, based on the driver’s efficiency I’d guess.

Cab drivers will hate it of course. Even the good ones. Sometimes they take a detour because of local knowledge. What might look on the map like the long way round is in fact a route which avoids the local game-day traffic. Or maybe there are extensive roadworks? Still, if you know the town yourself then Taxi Turvi should still provide a good tool. And as it works pretty much anywhere that you have a cellphone and GPS signal, it’s great in foreign countries, where you have no idea of where you’re going.

The app is free, and available right now.

Source: Taxi Turvi

Thanks: Emeline!

  • hanhothi

    I hate cabbies! World over, they so frequently try to scam the customer. Any visitor to a strange place is vulnerable, and the chances are that you are going to need a cab. They gotcha! As a frequent traveller I am so fed up with that scenario. Batsards!!! Will try this app and see how effective it is.