Apple’s Maps Are Getting Better All The Time, According To List



Everyone knows that Apple’s maps suck, right? After all, they were pretty poor at launch, and anything to do with Apple never changes: Apple gear is overpriced ($330 for an iPad!), Apple should license its OS (Android is open! And winning!). Etc.

Except that maps have gotten a lot better in the intervening months. The app mightn’t have gotten an update, but arguably its the same old app that used to use Google maps anyway. But the software and map tiles behind the scenes? Oh boy.

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple has posted lists of the improvements. Flyover support has been added for around 16 cities, and augmented for many others (including my home town of Barcelona, which now has full coverage even in the outlying ‘burbs – likely something to do with Apple polishing things before the Mobile World Congress earlier this month).

3-D buildings have also been added and updated in 12 cities, and maps in China have gotten a huge overhaul.

Read Jim’s post for the full lists. I’m still using Google Maps as it finds everything I type into it right away. But for route-planning and checking out an area, Apple Maps is already my go-to.

The Loop

  • hanhothi

    Interesting picture of the Hoover Dam. Gets me thinking; none of these structures will last forever. What will happen when the concrete starts to rot and crumble and the dam gets weakened? Guess it will have to be drained and rebuilt at some point. Yes, I am off topic! No, have not been smoking!!!

  • davester13

    Apple hasn’t updates maps for Edmonton, Canada, at least based on the multiple reports of errors I’ve sent it. None of them have been fixed, and even satellite map images are years out of date.

    Google maps and mapquest both have much better maps [UI of course is not as good as Apple’s].

    Unfortunately, for this, data counts for more than UI experience.

  • TheMacGuy

    I honestly haven’t had any problems with Apple Maps. In fact, they are the only Map app that has been able to pin point my house ON THE DOT! Google Maps, Nokia Maps, Mapquest, and really any Map app in the App Store put the pin at the end of the street, about 5 houses away from me. Apple puts the pin directly on the roof. I’m tired of every called Apple Maps horrible or bad, I HAVEN’T HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT!!