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Help Homeworld Touch Get Onto iOS, Homeworld 3 Onto Mac [Kickstarter]


Homeworld Touch

The Homeworld series, launched in 1999 by Relic Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment, is considered by many to be the birth of the modern 3D real time strategy game. Homeworld: Cataclysm was released the following year, with Homeworld 2 following in 2003.

Today, development house teamPixel wants to license the Homeworld franchise, liberating it from the THQ bankruptcy, and create two new games: Homeworld Touch, a remake of the Homeworld game with a new, modern, touchscreen interface for iOS and Andriod, and Homeworld 3 for Mac and PC, to extend the game to new frontiers and new audiences. They’d also like to bring the older, legacy Homeworld games to Steam and Good Old Games. All they need is your support with their Kickstarter project.

The folks at teamPixel want to bridge the past with the future with their Homeworld Touch initiative. The idea is to bring the original Homeworld game to modern touchscreen devices like the iPad.

“We’ve been testing several prototypes,” they write on their Kickstarter page, “and we’ve found the experience to be incredibly immersive and intuitive. It’s almost like touch controls were always meant to be available! It also goes to show how much technology has evolved to imagine that you could be playing your favorite classic on a pocket-sized device.”

The team has used Unity and Unreal for their prototypes, and are building a multi-platform framework on them to remake the Homeworld game for both iOS and Android.

Further, the team would like to tell new stories set in the Homeworld universe, with Homeworld 3 for Mac and PC. While there are some great space games out right now, like Eve Online, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, and Sins of a Solar Empire, the team feels that there aren’t any great space-themed real time strategy games out there that can do what Homeworld did. I agree wholeheartedly, as I was never able to play any Homeworld games when I found out about them just a couple of years ago.

The plan is to use the engine and frameworks from the Homeworld Touch game to follow up with a deeper, more expansive game in Homeworld 3. Here’s hoping the team can make something that’s worth the 10-year-long wait.

If you’re interested in more, head on over to the Kickstarter page, and be sure to check out the video there. The project has 13 days left, and they’ve already raised $22,071 of their $50,000 goal. If you’re a fan, and want to support, I’m sure they’d be glad to see your pledge.

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Via: John Davison on Twitter