The Blockheads Updates After 1000 Years Of Gameplay



The Blockheads is a fantastic iOS game that captures so much of the Minecraft experience, it’s a must play for any but the most jaded of iOS gamers.

It updated today, with all sorts of great stuff. You can now warp in up to four players, twice the two previously available. My kids and I are gonna have a ton of fun with this one. You can find fish in the sea, craft a fishing rod to catch them, and hopefully not get eaten by sharks there, either. Also, there’s a way to make tin foil, which lets you roast those fish on a campfire, canceling out the most hunger possible in game. Or, you know, make a tin foil hat.

Best of all, though, is the way the game will now let you queue up crafting tasks, which will finish even if you’re out of game. You used to have to wait in the game for stuff to finish, but no longer. Your blockhead will continue to craft items, even if you’re not running the game, until they finish or get exhausted, whichever comes first.

The update also contains a number of game balancing tweaks, with clothing degrading more slowly and based on what your blockhead is doing, new animations, shinier graphics, and a few extra building techniques have been added. There are also quite a few bug fisxes, making this a substantial upgrade to an already great game.

Players are obviously responding, as a tweet from the developer, David Frampton, aka @majikDave, pointed out that The Blockheads players have clocked 1000 years, in-game. That’s a lot of time punching trees, right?

Source: App Store
Via: 148Apps