Pickup Power: A Do-It-All Power Strip With Detachable Battery Pack



Quirky’s Pickup Power wants the be the last power-strip you’ll ever need. It houses AC outlets, USB chargers and – the best part – a detachable battery pack that’s always charged and ready to go.

The strip plugs into the wall like any other and offers the following:

– 3 AC outlets
– 3 USB outlets
– 1 removable 4000mah battery

Thus you can plug in pretty much anything, and just grab the battery pack – which is removed by pressing it to eject like the SD card in your camera – when you leave home. 4,000mAh mean it’s good to juice the iPhone 5 a couple of times, and can even get the iPad Mini up to almost full power.

Quirky has decided to go ahead with making this crowd-sourced product, which means that you can pre-order and wait for it to be made. As I have mentioned before, I once waited six months for a Quirky product before canceling my order, so beware. Then again, you don’t actually get charged until the production lines start to roll.

Source: Quirky Products

Via: Andrew Liszewski