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CoBook Update Brings LinkedIn-Like Livecards




Cobook, the excellent contacts replacement app for iPhone, has added something called Livecards in a brand-new 2.0 update. Livecards is a way to make sure your contacts are always filled out and up to date, without you doing anything.

We currently live in Space Year 2013, but someone seems to have forgotten to pass that info on to the folks who make address books. Despite living in the future, we still have to maintain a list of our friends’ names, addresses, phone numbers and so on, as if we were still using paper books.

Cobook’s Livecards changes that around. The idea is that you know better than anyone what your contact details are, so you keep them up to date. Anyone who has you in their Cobook will see the up-to-date info automatically.

Cobook already uses your Twitter account to do something similar, but Livecards works for all info, not just photos and Twitter handles. The desktop version also connects to Facebook and LinkedIn and uses those as sources.

Speaking of Facebook: you’ll need an account to use Livecards right now (which counts me out). Future updates will apparently add a Cobook-based login for the feature, but right now you need to be signed up with the Evil Empire.

Still, Cobook is already way better than the built-in contacts app, and syncs with your iOS address book. And it’s free. So, you might as well give it a try. Available now.

Source: iTunes