How Many Calories Do You Burn Using Your Magic Mouse Or Trackpad?



If you’re anything like me, you pretty much spend all of your day clicking. Clicking a mouse. Clicking a trackpad. Clicking a keyboard. And yet, despite all of that physical exertion, I’m still somehow a fatass. How can that be? Luckily, some scientists have looked into the problem, and figured out the answer: I’m just not clicking enough.

According to a recent study called “Convert Anything To Calories” published in PHP Science World, the number of calories burned per mouse click is 1.42. The authors calculated this by measuring “the total volume of the muscles used to bend the index finger.”

Seems pretty good, right? After all, that means that just a few hundred mouse clicks would burn off even a decadent meatball sub, gooey with cheese. But not so fast: although we often refer to calories to measure the impact of our food on our waistbands, we are actually talking about kilocalories.

In other words, to burn off your average bag of Dorito’s, you’d need to click a Magic Mouse 800,000 times. I doubt even the competitive Starcraft II player manages that in a day.

Source: Rocketnews