Domino’s New Pizza App Pimps A Virtual Anime Schoolgirl To Japanese Pizza Perverts [Video]


  • amilwani

    nice :p

  • alalcoolj

    Hatsune Miku is the voice and muse for tens of thousands of indie musicians, artists, and animators, providing a platform for them to connect with her millions of fans worldwide. She heralds a revolutionary new way to create, popularize, and distribute indie music and videos on an enormous scale, making her the subject of research by academics across a range of disciplines.

    Yet you decided that the real story here is that she is a “virtual girlfriend” for “pizza perverts”. Those are some pretty interesting journalistic instincts you’ve cultivated there. :-P

  • jrharbort


    I could be far more detailed, but I’m tired of answering articles like these.

    1: Vocaloid isn’t an anime.

    2: Hatsune Miku isn’t a school girl. Read this:

    3: The app is in Japanese, but it’s been made available for download in all regions. Most of the functions are accessible, with the exception of actually ordering a pizza (Japan-only).

  • LewisEKilgo

    Schoolgirl? Pimps? Perverts? Are you for real?
    Journalism? Delude yourselves if you want.
    Looks like the muckrakers are in charge here.