Ultra-Simple iPhone Stand Doubles As Cable-Saver



Often, simple=good. And the Sine Cable Stand from UrbanPrefer is both simple and good. It does two things: works as a cord-wrapper for your iPhone’s power cable, and acts as a handy-dandy stand for your iPhone while it charges.


The Sine is a triangular block of plastic with a channel around its edge and a hole running through the center of the flat face. The cable is stored by wrapping it around the widget, and kept in place by the channel. When charging time comes, just unwrap, thread the plug through the hole and push it into the iPhone’s waiting dock-hole.

The clever part comes when you wonder which model to buy for your iPhone – 30-pin dock connector or Lightning? The answer is that it works with both. A simple adapter slots into the bigger hole to make it iPhone-5 friendly, and because the connector itself is holding the iPhone up, the different body sizes make no difference.

A single stand will cost you $19, and you can choose from seven different colors.

Source: UrbanPrefer

Via: Yanko Design