Anyglove Turns Any Glove Into A Touch-Screen Glove



Anyglove is a gel which turns any glove into a touch-screen-friendly glove. Buy a bottle, drip-drip-drip some drops onto the fingers and thumbs of your favorite gloves and voila! (or “viola!” or “walla!” as they say in internet forums) you can now operate a capacitive screen.

I usually employ the ghetto version of cold-weather iDevice operation: I have a cycling glove with a torn fingertip, and in extreme cold/emergency I use the tip of my nose. However, I can’t nose-type, and I have no intention of buying a pair of gloves so I can waste yet more time with my phone, so I have my eye on the Anyglove.

The gel will work with leather, wool, synthetic. Heck, maybe even the gloves you sewed from the skin of your human victims will work. Remember to treat all of the fingers and thumbs you’ll actually use, otherwise you’ll be left finger-tapping when you could be thumb-typing.

I’m interested. I have one use case, which is using maps when walking around a foreign (and cold) city. Otherwise, if I need to use my iPhone I will duck into the nearest bar and order a little something to defrost myself, before checking that super important thing I really, really have to read right now.

Source: AnyGlove

Via: Petapixel