Relax With Sporos, A Brain-Boosting Puzzle Game With A Chillout Atmosphere


Calming, challenging, purty.
Calming, challenging, purty.

Sometimes, when Friday rolls around, it’s all we can do to relax. I like to play games on my iPhone and iPad to chill a bit at the end of a long work week. Today, I spent some time with brain-teasing puzzle game, Sporos. It’s got a gentle vibe, calming electronica music, and a ton of challenging puzzles to keep your brain meats engaged and your anxiety level low. I’m enjoying it, and you just might, too.

Sporos challenges you to light up the cells in each level using a special seed (that reminds me of a Spirograph gear) called a sporos. Each sporos seed connects to the other cells around it according to its markings. Some sporos seeds connect in all directions, while others only connect in a couple specific ones. You drag the sporos seeds out onto the playing field, hoping to light up all the circles in the puzzle with the least moves possible. The more elegant the solution, the higher your star rating.

The game itself is $0.99 on the app store, and comes with two streams of puzzle levels. One, Essential Labs, has over 300 levels that start off simple, and then get super tricky as you solve more and more of them. There are 200 more levels in Experimental Labs, which contain wild and mutated sporos seeds to test your mettle. When you get stuck, you can find the solution using one of the three included hints, which are then also available as a $0.99 hint pack that includes 30 hints to use as you work your way through the puzzles. If you don’t want to purchase hints, you can wait as they refill over time.

Sporos is a universal app, able to be played on your iPhone or iPad, it has 20 Game Center achievements available, and more levels are promised in the coming months. It’s pretty to look at, calming to play, and will challenge even the most dedicated puzzle game fans. Give it a look, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: App Store