Now For iPhone Wants You To Know When Your Friends Are Doing Cool Stuff Nearby



There are a lot of silly apps out there that want to send you notifications whenever someone you know is nearby, or if you’re in the area of something cool.

There’s a new app for iPhone though called Now, that wants to take a different approach to local discover: it’s only going to alert you when your friends are doing really cool stuff nearby.

The way Now works is it keeps tabs on Instagram to determine where the most photos are being taken and what’s “hot.” If ever one of your friends happens to be at one of those hot events or places where everyone’s instagramming, then Now will send you a notification to alert you that you’re missing out on all the fun.

Even though users don’t ‘check-in’ on Instagram, you do have the ability to tag locations in your photos. So for instance, in Phoenix at 2pm on Friday, the happening places in my area according to Now are the MLB Spring Training games in Scottsdale and Mesa. If you live a more population dense city, you’ll likely get better results.

With over 100 million people using Instagram, Now might become one of the best places to find cool stuff, as long as people keep tagging their location in pictures. You can pick up Now in the App Store for free.


Source: iTunes

Via: The Verge