Blux Lens Turns iPhone Into Remote Camera For Your iPad



Remember Blux Camera? Back in October of last year, I described it as “the camera app Rick Deckard would use.” I stand by that, only now Blux has gotten a little remote companion which makes it even more Blade-Runnerier to use.


The new app is called Blux Lens and it turns your iPhone into a remote and all-seeing eye for the larger iPad app. There are a bunch of apps in the store which do the same kind of this, but only Blux combines this sci-fi feature with a sci-fi interface full of bleeps and bloops, and a computer brain which talks to you.

The pairing is ingenious. Open the apps on both devices and tell the iPad you want to use the iPhone as a lens. The iPhone app launches with a QR code on its screen. USe the iPad to scan the iPhone and the two link up instantly (they need to be on the same Wi-Fi network to see each other).

You get to use all the usual Blux filters (named for world cities) and you can even (optically) zoom in and out. I tested the app by pointing it at myself as I was “working,” but it would also be perfect for hard-to-snap up-skirt shots and other difficult photographic situations.

What you don’t get is the neat P.E.A.R analysis engine, which examines the scene and recommends a filter to you.

On the one hand, you might as well stick with just using the iPhone and relying on Photo Stream to share the results between devices. On the other, this costs just $1, and will get you photos you probably couldn’t get otherwise. Available now.

Source: Blux Lens