Aluminum Case For Notebooks. *Paper* Notebooks [Kickstarter]



Oh Lord, the end is clearly, nearly nigh. Why? Because Kickstarter is now hosting a project to make aluminum notebook covers. No, not covers for your notebook computer. Covers for your hardcover paper notebook. The pull quote at the top of the pitch page says it all:

5052 Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy notebook & journal covers to keep your corners and pages straight.

I don’t think even Sheldon Cooper would be OCD enough to care about the corners of his Field Notes books getting dinged (Sheldon would clearly be a Filed Notes man. Raj would use the Moleskine) enough to shell out (#PunAlert) $15 or $20 to protect it with metal.


Then again, as a large-sized Moleskine can run to around $20, I guess a reusable cover mightn’t be such a bad idea after all.

The IPX-PRO covers have a couple of hinges, one either side of the book’s spine, and this gives them possibly their best feature: they hold the book flat when it’s open.

I’ve almost given up on paper notebooks these days, in favor of index cards which can easily be removed from the stack and scanned into Penultime and –from there – rendered searchable by the ever-surprising Evernote. But the stationery nerd in me sees that $20 pricetag and wants to buy one right this minute.

Source: Kickstarter