This New Lock Screen Concept Gives Your iPhone A Vertical Settings Bar [Video]


This could be all kinds of useful.
This could be all kinds of useful.

The interface designer behind the Auxo app-switcher concept (@Sentry_NC) has come up with another fantastic idea, this time aiming his attention at the Lock Screen of iOS. In this new concept, iPhone and iPad users would be able to swipe over from the right hand side of their device screen, revealing a host of settings that typically require launching the Settings app for.

I sure hope Apple implements something similar.

The video, posted by the designer himself, shows a mockup of the “idea of quick access toggles and how they would function on the lock screen,” he writes on the YouTube page. Take a look at the quick video here.

The video shows toggles for the Do Not Disturb, WiFi, Bluetooth, cell network, Location services, Personal Hotspot, and Airplane mode settings, a significantly handy way to turn them off and on. While this specific implementation may turn into a Jailbreak tweak, much like the Auxo one did, we’d still love to see something similar from the mother ship in Cupertino some day.

Source: Mod My i