GroupMe’s New iOS App Makes Splitting Dinner Checks Easy



It’s always nice to be able to split the cost of something with a group of friends, except when it comes time to actually pay up. There’s always one or two people that suck at paying on time, but GroupMe’s got a great new feature for the app to help out with that.

GroupMe just released version 4.1 of their iOS that adds a couple of great new features, including the ability to split a bill with friends.

‘Split’ allows a group to chip in on a purchase together. You can start a split with any of your groups and just attach the split like you would a photo or location.

Let’s say you paid for everyone’s cab ride. You can add a split to the group and collect all the money right away, rather than waiting for everyone to give you some cash in person.

The update also includes a new ‘Gallery View’ feature that will allow users to view all of the photos shared in a conversation at one easy to find spot. Now you don’t have to scroll back up through a conversation to find an old picture that you want to view or share.

The new update for GroupMe is available in the App Store right now for free.


Source: GroupMe