This Little iPhone 5 Tether Could Rescue You From A Disastrous Fall




Dropping your iPhone is a horrific experience. You don’t know if your precious slab of glass and metal is going to shatter or just walk away with a few scratches. If you’re the type that is always dropping your iPhone, you should consider paying $20 for this iPhone 5 tether.

The Netsuke lanyard hook installs right onto your iPhone 5’s antenna. You just remove the two screws at the bottom of your iPhone, place the hook at the bottom, and put the screws back in.

You can still charge your iPhone via the Lighting port and everything, except now you can wrap the lanyard around your wrist to give you some peace of mind that you won’t destroy your iPhone if it slips out of your hand.


Source: Poddities

Via: Gizmodo