Siri-Controlling Star Trek-Style Button Is The Ultimate In Dorkwear



I shall apologize now for bringing you yet another crowd-funded gadget today, but this is something special. I won’t dilly-dally here: It’s a frikkin’ Star Trek button for talking to Siri.

OK, so it’s not really anything like the Starfleet badge, but it is a button that you can wear on your shirt (no! not the red one!) and touch to communicate with your iPhone (or your Android phone, should you happen to swing that way). Who cares if it doesn’t look like a gold triangle crossed with one third of a star fish?

The badge also contains a mic and speaker so you can chat on the phone. The speaker is designed to beam its sound to you, and only to you, so it won’t project further than the foot or so it takes to get from your collar to your ear. This will of course make you look like a crazy person if you use it in the street.

It’s so damn dorky, I love it. Want to pitch in? Head over to the Indiegogo page and drop $80. Or just wait for a couple hundred years and join Starfleet to get one for free.

Source: Indiegogo

  • hanhothi

    That is going to look WAY more geeky than using a BlueTooth Headset! And probably nowhere near as effective!!!

  • FriarNurgle

    Love Star Trek but would still rather have a Dick Tracy watch or Pipboy 5000.

  • tiny_mind

    Actually, this would be great if you could clip it to your steering wheel.

  • Dave Hicks

    So it’s just like Zomm ( I’ve owned a Zomm for over a year. How can they say it’s the first of it’s kind.