Fabulous NUU MiniKey Keyboard Case Comes To The iPhone 5



Our Killian Bell tossed around words like “terrific” and “impressive” when he reviewed the Nuu MiniKey for the iPhone 4/S two years ago. Now, the little backlit Bluetooth keyboard-case has almost arrived (it drops March 15) for the iPhone 5, with a whole slew of improvements.

Naturally the new, iPhone 5 version of the 42-key slide-out keyboard is bigger. But it’s also got improved Bluetooth connectivity, which means it’ll last longer between charges.

We didn’t really find longevity an issue with the older MiniKey; we did, however, find it kind of bulky — and that’s been improved too, with a thinner, lighter frame. NUU says they’ve also made the keys more ergonomic, added a quick charge function and given it an on/off switch

There’s one area, though, where the MiniKey has been downgraded: Its price has dropped from $69 to $59. Win-win.