Make The Icons In The Finder Show More Info [OS X Tips]


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Do you use icon view in the Finder? Do you often find yourself double clicking folders and using Get Info commands to find out more about the files in your Finder windows? Well, it turns out there’s a View Option which will add a little bit of information to any item in a Finder window, provided you’re in icon view.

Here’s how to enable it.

First up, head to the Finder, and open a new window. Next, switch to icon view either by clicking the leftmost view button at the top of the finder window, or hit Command-1 on your keyboard when the window is active. Now, either select View Options from the View menu, hit Command-J, or right-click somewhere in the Finder window you have open and choose Show View Options.

Notice the little Show Item Info there, just under the text size options? Click that little checkbox and then your Finder icons will provide just a bit more info, like the file size of a .doc file, the resolution of an image file, the number of items in a folder, and oddly nothing at all about a pdf file.

If you want to get this behavior rocking across all your Finder windows now and in the future, hit the Use as Defaults button at the bottom of the View Options pane to make this mandatory for your Finder windows in icon view.

Via: OS X Daily

  • dnaegele

    I am missing the Use as Defaults button. Suggestions?