Pottery App Now Turns Your Virtual Creations Into The Real Deal



Infinite Dreams has come a long way since we first discovered their virtual-pottery app, Let’s Create Pottery HD, at the App Store in 2010. They’ve since created a smash-hit tower defense game, and unveiled the first touchscreen coin-slot arcade console based off an iOS game.

Now, with the help of 3D printing, they’re turning virtual pottery into the real thing.

Infinite Dreams partnered with custom 3D-printing powerhouse Sculpteo for this one. Simply create a masterpiece (or an ugly piece of &#*%, depending on your skill level) in the Let’s Create app, and you’ll have the option to make your creation real.

The company sent us the little blue vase above so we could see the final product up close. It’s pretty impressive, with vibrant colors and a rough finish that does a decent job of simulating unglazed pottery. Sculpteo uses fine, colored mineral powder to create the vase, which is how they’re able to reproduce intricate color patterns.

Infinite Dreams says you will pay roughly anywhere from $2.50 to a whopping $325 to make your vase real, with the difference solely based on how much material the vase uses; so the bigger the vase, the more expensive — regardless of how fancy you get with the color. Our little blue vase above would set you back about $35. It shipped in a thin balsa box, which was also pretty nifty.

Check out the video below if you don’t like reading: