After Widescale Hack, Evernote Is Rushing Through Better Security Features


Time to update? You know it!
Time to update? You know it!

Hot on the heels of a hack over the weekend that compromised Evernote users’ emails, usernames and passwords — and resulted in the company initiating a password reset on all accounts — Evernote’s hurrying through a new two-factor authentication process, which would allow you to authorize your account in a variety of ways, like entering a code you receive by SMS message.

Evernote’s not the only company to roll out two-factor authentication after a breach: Dropbox also introduced two-factor authentication after a hack last year. If Evernote uses Dropbox’s method, it won’t be obligatory, but instead something you turn on optionally in your account. Better safe than sorry.

Source: Information Week

  • SixDegreesPGH

    I give kudos to Evernote for initiating the password reset rather than just sending an e-mail suggesting we should reset our password.