Use Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On Your iPad Or iPhone While Airplane Mode Is Enabled [iOS Tips]


WiFi Airplane

So, there you are, sitting on the airplane, with your iPad on Airplane Mode. But you’re also on one of those newfangled jets that actually offers internet via Wi-Fi. What’s a jet-setting iOS user to do? Why, turn on Wi-Fi while still remaining in FAA-compliant Airplane Mode, of course.

Here’s how.

Tap your Settings app and toggle Airplane Mode at the top to ON. Then, tap on Wi-Fi, and toggle that to ON. You’ll then need to join the available Wi-Fi network on the plane, as per usual.

This way, you’ll not be using the cell data network, a no-no while actually in-flight, but still be able to connect to your precious internet to look at and upload those pictures of your pug.

To get Bluetooth to work, simply tap Bluetooth, and toggle that switch to ON as well. Now you’ll be able to use your bluetooth headset or keyboard while flying above 10,000 feet. Like a boss.

Source: OS X Daily
Via: iPad Insight

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