Ferrari Plans To Put More iPads In Supercars As Deal With Apple Widens



Ferrari announced its newest supercar today — the hybrid model ‘LaFerrari’ — along with plans to deepen its partnership with Apple.

The newest Ferrari comes equipped with iPad minis on the passenger seats, but Ferrari says it is in talks with Apple about bringing more in-car entertainment to their supercars.

Along with the iPad minis in the rear passenger seats, the LaFerrari is seamlessly integrated with Apple technologies. Direct access to the infotainment system can be attained through the use of Siri voice commands.

Ferrari plans to increase its partnership with Apple in the coming months, but no details were given at this time. Last November, Apple SVP Eddy Cue joined Ferrari’s board of directors, so we’re sure the new partnership will go pretty smoothly.


Source: Bloomberg

  • aardman

    That’s more like it. I always thought Ferrari’s deal with Acer cheapened the Ferrari brand. Ferrari and Acer, what got into Ferrari’s head on that one?

  • doug_springer

    The rear passenger seats? The LaFerrari is a 2-seater. They are putting minis in the rear seats of the FF, though.