Path On Reinvents iOS Photo Captions



Path on is a super-slick new app for writing on your photographs. The gimmick, and the feature which sets it apart from all the other writing-on-photos apps in the store, is that you can put your scrawlings onto an arbitrary path. Hence the name, I guess.

Try doing this with Adobe Illustrator it’ll drive you crazy. Path, on the other hand, is easy and slick from start to finish – it’s rare that any iPad app is this polished, let alone a 1.0 version.

Open it up and you see what looks like the first page of a neat demo. IT is in fact the interface, with a pane showing your camera roll, another showing a live camera view, plus links to take you elsewhere in the app or on the web.

Choose a picture and you can add a path. It can be square, circular, a spiral (plus some other predefined shapes) or you can choose the freeform tool. With this you can draw paths on the picture, hit “done” and start typing. Add you text, then move onto the editing stage, which lets you change fonts, text size and color, add (pretty good) effects to the the picture (including blurring it or darkening it to make the text stand out better), and manipulate the text style quite comprehensively.

When you’re happy, you can export to the usual places, inclusing Instagram and your camera roll. You can even save the project internally for future editing.

I have had quite a lot of fun already, and I can see this being perfect for making greetings cards and the like for friends, as well as posters and desktop backgrounds.

I used to design books, posters, magazines and other printed stuff for a living, and I’m blown away at the results of this simple app. And it costs just $2. We really are living in the future.

Source: App Shopper