Evernote For Mac Updated With Cool New Menu Bar Note Clipper



Evernote just released an update for its Mac app, and if you got it from the App Store you mightn’t notice anything new other than being forced to change your password because Evernote got hacked. But if you got the update from outside the MAS, then you can enjoy the fancy new clipper that sits in the menu bar.

The old clipper, activated by keyboard shortcut or by clicking on the little elephant in the menu bar, opened a persistent window on screen into which you could dump pretty much anything, including writing rich-text notes right there.

The new one is fancier looking, but offers the same essential functionality. Instead of a menu letting you pick any of the various input methods (picture from camera; screenshot; note; audio note), now a single popover opens with a few graphical buttons at the top. Either just start typing or hit a button to clip one of the aforementioned items.

It’s a small change, but welcome. I have been somewhat reluctantly dragged into Evernote’s universe bit by bit over the years. It’s not some lame ideological problem – I just never liked the interface or the way it worked. But with this clipper on the Mac, and the great new snippets view (read: normal, age-old mail-sidebar-style view) on the iPad, I’m almost happy. Now if only the iPad version would stop crashing…

Source: Evernote

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