Open New Finder Windows To Wherever You Please, Skip All My Files [OS X]


All My Files Finder Windows

Ever since OS X 10.7 Lion, the Finder has a new sidebar section, called All My Files. It’s a list of, predictably, all the files on your Mac and it can be customized to show them in any style you like, sorting by Name, Date Created, Kind, Date Modified, and more. The trouble is, though, that all new Finder windows open to this All My Files section by default. Some folks might not like this, though, and wish for the long-ago days of, say, Snow Leopard, when Finder windows opened to the Desktop or some such.

Luckily, to make this happen takes just a quick trip into the Finder preferences to sort out. Thanks, Apple!

Click on the Finder icon in your Dock, and then go to the Finder menu to select Preferences… Or, if you’d rather when in the Finder, hit Command-Comma on your keyboard to bring them up. Once there, Find the “New Finder windows show:” area, and click on the pop up menu there. You can choose one of the pre-populated choices, like Desktop or Documents, or you can select the Other… option, which will let you pick any folder on your Mac as the default place where new Finder windows will open. Close the Preferences window, and go about your business. Now, any ned Finder windows you open will do so to the place you specified.

Via: OS X Daily