Apple Argues ‘Locationgate’ Lawsuit Fails To Show Harm



Apple is hoping to have a group lawsuit alleging it collected data from million of customers while they used approved apps thrown out of court after arguing that the plaintiffs have failed to prove their claims. At a hearing in San Jose, California, on Thursday, lawyers asked U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to give the designate the suit a class action — but Apple says they cannot prove any harm has been done.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple allowed third-party apps to collect geographical data on their iPhones even after they had denied the app’s request for permission. The lawsuit previously targeted other companies as well — including Admob, Flurry, and Google —  but they have since been dropped, leaving only Apple.

The Cupertino company has this week argued, however, that the plaintiffs have failed to prove that the tracking resulted in any harm. The attorneys have abandoned their damages claims because they cannot prove injury, but they are proceeding with the class action request “in a desperate attempt” to recover fees, according to Apple.

Back in July 2011, Apple was forced to pay one Korean man $946 in damages after a court awarded him compensation for the “Locationgate” fiasco, and thousands of others have tried to claim their own payout since then. The following month, it was reported that 27,000 iPhone users in South Korea were suing Apple for $25 million over the same issue.

Source: Bloomberg

  • lwdesign1

    Oh dear. It’s yet another situation of “Apple has lots of money. Let’s figure out ways of getting some of it.” Unless there is a real world situation of harm done, you don’t have any right to Apple’s money.

  • Robert X

    They can’t and the lawsuit should go away.

  • Jonathan Ober

    I wonder how much money those people would make if they quit complaining about something not injuring or damaging them and went out and worked instead of paying a lawyer scum who convinced them that they have a case. Locationgate, 1st world probs. Missing and exploited children in the world, real world probs.