PowerSkin Unveils New Silicone Battery Case For iPhone 5



PowerSkin has today announced its new silicone battery case for the iPhone 5, which features a 1,500mAh battery that promises to provide you with up to 8 hours of additional usage on Wi-Fi, up to 6.5 hours of additional talk-time, and up to 182 hours of standby time. It’s priced at $80 and it’s available to order now from the PowerSkin website.

Unlike most battery cases for the iPhone, which are made of plastic, the PowerSkin’s silicone design makes it soft and shock absorbent, providing you with all-round protection as well as extra juice. It has a power button, so you can control when it charges your device, and four LED indicators that tell you how much life is left in it.

The PowerSkin comes with an earphone extender so that you can continue to use the iPhone’s EarPods — or any other 3.5mm headphones — as you normally would. It also guarantees against short circuit and over-charge, according to PowerSkin, and provides “temperature protection” — whatever that means.

I reviewed a PowerSkin battery case for the iPhone 4 back in September 2011, and I was a big fan of it. Like all battery cases, though, it ruins the sleek and sexy design of the iPhone. The iPhone 5 version adds 7.62mm to your device, which means it ends up being more than double its original thickness.

That’s a small price to pay, of course, if you need your iPhone’s battery to last a long time.

You can order the PowerSkin for iPhone 5 now via the source link below.

Source: PowerSkin