Bypass iPhoto’s Built-In Email Functionality And Use Mail App Again [OS X Tips]


iPhoto Email

Used to be that when you shared photos from iPhoto via email, iPhoto would open up Mail app, drop the photos in as attachments, and let you send from there. Nowadays, iPhoto uses an internal email routine that mimics the iOS way of adding photos to email, but many folks just plain don’t like it. If you fall into this camp, and want to disable this iPhoto “functionality,” this tip is for you.

First up, launch Terminal, then run the following command once it’s open:

defaults write EmailApp Mail

Now iPhoto will use Mail again, without all that iPhoto in-app fooferah. Mail will launch when you click on the email icon after hitting the Share button in iPhoto, drop your images in as attachments, and you can finish sending the email from there.

If you want to put it back the way it was, though, simply return to Terminal and type or paste the following command in:

defaults write EmailApp iPhoto

Simple, right? Yep. That’s just how we roll, sometimes.

Via: Macworld Hints

  • cgervais

    Seems like the simplest way is to open iPhoto’s preferences, click on General, and select Mail as the app to use when emailing photos. Why deal with terminal to accomplish this?

  • hinkelman

    cgervais is right. I tried that setting change and it worked as explained. No need for Terminal. Did you miss that simple solution, LeFebvre?