More Dubstep! Real Racing 3 Branded Headphones Announced By EA And SteelSeries


Lookin' and soundin' good in Real Racing 3.
Lookin' and soundin' good in Real Racing 3.


I’m sitting here using an amazing pair of headphones while I work: the SteelSeries Flux wired headset. Cult of Mac put these in our Awesome 2012 Advent Calendar this past holiday season, and for good reason. They’re superb headphones, very portable, easy on the ears, and have some great advanced features, like detachable cords and a second headphone jack on the headset itself to share your music with a friend.

Today, then, SteelSeries and EA announced the Real Racing 3 Gaming Headset, which is based on the very same Flux headset, to reproduce the racing sounds and over-the-top dub step soundtrack in Real Racing 3, released in the US App Store today, with much higher fidelity than any standard earbuds you might get from, say, Apple.


The slim-profile, portable headset is powered through 40mm driver speaker units, giving some great low bass sounds without getting too boomy, as well as great high frequency reproduction, without getting too tinny or brittle. While most people will want to kill the dub step soundtrack in-game after a few races, it’s certainly going to sound best with a decent pair of headphones like this.

The Real Racing 3 Gaming Headset is all white, with a glossy ear plate, chrome-colored RR3 logo and speedometer design, with the Flux-style soft, adjustable headband and sound isolating foam ear cushions that have a nice, breathable mesh covering. You’ll also get two higher-end audio cables to connect these bad boys with, one for iOS and Mac, and another for–we’re not sure why–PC type set ups. You’ll get to decide which side you plug the cable in, since they’ll also have dual input jacks. The second one can be used to share your audio, if you’re feeling friendly.

The headset is currently retailing for $100 online, at the SteelSeries web store.

Source: SteelSeries

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