Tim Cook: Apple Is Looking At Entering New Categories Focusing On Profit, Not Marketshare



At today’s Apple Shareholders Meeting, CEO Tim Cook admitted that Apple was “looking at new product categories” but that the company had no interest in just “pressing a button or two” to have Apple make the most products.

Asked during the Q&A section of the meeting how Apple plans to counter Android’s growth, Cook said that while it was within Apple’s power to have the most products in a category, it wouldn’t ultimately be good for the company to try to compete with Android in a race-to-the-bottom, especially given the fact that despite Android’s growth, Apple still dominates profit for the entire industry.

In addition, Apple was asked about what Apple planned in the future. Cook was coy, as usual, saying:

Obviously, we’re looking at new categories. We don’t talk about them, but we’re looking at them.

The two biggest rumors right now swirling about Apple’s next “big thing” are that the Cupertino company will enter the television market with a category-redefining iTV, and that Apple will release their own iOS-capable wristwatch deemed the iWatch. However, there are no credible reports at this moment that Apple has begun production on manufacturing either of them.