Grab Yet Another Zombie Defense Game From The App Store For A Buck


Build a better mousetrap.
Build a better mousetrap.

Yep, note the date at the end of that trailer above? It’s February 25 right now. And, as such, you can grab yourself a copy of Awesome Games Studio’s latest indie game release, Yet Another Zombie Defense, on the App Store today for a mere $0.99, half off the regular $1.99 price. Don’t wait too long, though, as this remake of the popular XBox Live Indie Game will only be on sale for a week.

Yet Another Zombie Defense combines tower defense and dual-stick shooter in one universal package, letting you zap and defend against the undead on your iPhone or iPad as you will. Build your base by day, then defend it from the evil infected dead creatures by night. Place your towers, turrets and barricades–including a Tesla cannon and a rocket launcher–to keep the hordes from overrunning your base. Then, choose a weapon, buy some ammo, and get ready to shoot your way through wave after wave of zombie infestation.

Each wave brings on a new kind of zombie, or a new level of toughness, meaning the baddies are harder to kill. You’ll collect cash for some zombies, which can be redeemed after each wave at night. You can buy barricades, turrets, and new weapons each day to make surviving the night a bit easier. There are Game Center leader boards and achievements to brag to your buddies about who (re) killed the most zombies, if you like that sort of thing, and no in-app purchases, to boot.

Awesome Games Studio is an indie team of developers based in Poland. They decided to get out of the big game studio world and build their own games, including Yet Another Zombie Defense for the XBox and now iOS, built in Unity for easy porting.

If interested, head over to the App Store and grab Yet Another Zombie Defense for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad for a dollar. If you’re really cheap, though, you can check out Yet Another Zombie Defense Lite for free, first.

Source: App Store

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