Save Information From Email Messages And Be More Productive With Mail Clips [OS X Tips]


Mail Clips OS X

As email continues to be fairly ubiquitous, especially in business settings, there’s a ton of information floating around in your Mail app that may or may not be useful to you to save and archive. Mail hides a lot of the complexity of email, and as such, it can be less than intuitive to grab all the info you might need from a given email, like headers, message text, the subject, sender, and recipients’ information, and so on.

If you want to save the info from your emails, Mail Clips just might be the answer for you, especially if you use Apple’s built-in Mail app in OS X, as it integrates right there.

Download Mail Clips from the Mac App store (it’s free) and let the app load up in Launchpad. Click on the icon in Launchpad, or double click from the Applications menu once the download is complete. Be sure you have Mail launched, as well, and select an email you want to copy some information from.

Click on the Mail Clips icon in the menu bar, and choose the specific data point you want to copy, like the Subject, the recipient, the message ID, the sender name or address, or even the text of the email itself. The selected info will then be copied into your clipboard and easily pasted elsewhere.

You can also choose to add the recipient or sender to the Address book, or export the email to a PDF or RTF file, which is handy for archiving emails for later.

Now, you can pull the info you want from the emails you need, without having to tweak Mail app, which tends to hide all this complexity of email to make it much more user friendly. Mail Clips makes grabbing the stuff you need fromthe emails you want to a breeze, and the app is free, to boot.

Source: Mac App Store
Via: Addictive Tips