Even The Video Pros Have Switched To iPhones At The Mobile World Congress [MWC 2013]



mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – There mightn’t be anything more telling of the iPhone’s world takeover than this shot of the new Aving mobile video setup.

Anyone who has visited any tech trade-show will have seen the Korean guys in Aving vests hefting huge, shoulder-mounted video rigs and shooting anything and everything (this year at CES Aving put out 1,000 videos).

Now, those rigs have been replaced by the iPhone setup you see above.

The big cameras still come out for interviews, but for product videos and photos the iPhone, an Olloclip, an LED lamp and custom mount to hold it all together are the new thing. I saw a few of the Aving guys withe the same setup, and they told me that it’s way easier to use than the old one.

I’m still using a “proper” camera, mostly because the iPhone’s camera still doesn’t cope with the mixture of low light and high contrast found at these events. But as the camera is pretty much the heaviest part of my mobile blogging kit these days (this post is being written on an iPad mini with a Zagg Pro Plus keyboard case (designed for the regular iPad, but great for the mini), I can’t wait until the iPhone is up to the job.


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