Get Classic 2D NES-Style Arcade Action With Delver’s Drop On Mac [Kickstarter]


Rogue-like puzzling, physics-based combat, and more!
Rogue-like puzzling, physics-based combat, and more!

Delver’s Drop is an upcoming 2D physics puzzler role-playing game (RPG) with strong visual and gameplay inspiration from NES-era games like A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana. However, it’s also a fully modern game that uses the latest in gaming technologies. The developers created a Kickstarter project to finish this labor of love, and to be able to bring it to Mac, PC, and Linux platforms, with some hopeful plans to be able to bring the game to iOS and Android in the future, and in another Kickstarter campaign.

Delver’s Drop lets you pick a single Delver, who is then dropped down into the dungeon pits to fight its way through hordes of enemies, solve puzzles that will remind you of the Zelda games. When you die, you’ll drop another Delver down into the dungeon, who then can recover some progress and items while retaining abilities and experience points (XP).

The video on Kickstarter shows quick, responsive combat with plenty of physics mechanics, like bounce-back from attacks and explosions and lighting effects. The dungeons are randomly generated, allowing for infinite replays, and have eight zones of dungeons with four sub-levels each to dive through. There will be five different character classes to help you optimize your path through the dungeon crawls, using class-specific weapons and upgrades, and each class will level up with XP and skill trees.


While the project will take any amount as a donation, the $15 tier looks particularly interesting. If you pledge at this level, you’ll get a DRM-free digital copy of the game, along with bonuses like the soundtrack and open beta access. You’ll get a build for Mac, PC, and Linux when available, and you’ll be able to play Delver’s Drop a month earlier than the scheduled release, which the devs hope to happen this coming October.

If interested, head on over to the Delver’s Drop Kickstarter page and check out the voluminous documentation and the project video.

Source: Kickstarter