You Get What You Pay For: The iPhone 5 Is 300% More Reliable Than A Samsung Phone [Study]


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Why should you buy an iPhone 5 over a Samsung Galaxy S III? Well, besides the fact that the S III is for jerkfaces, the iPhone 5 is nearly 300% more reliable and less likely to break than your average Samsung phone. Ouch!

In a new study conducted by troubleshooting pros FixYa that examined data from 722,558 problem reports, Apple was found to be the most reliable handset maker in the world with a score of 3.47 out of 4, compared to Samsung’s abysmal 1.21 rating. Ouch.

It gets worse, though. Below even Samsung is Nokia, boasting a meager 0.68 reliability rating. And Motorola only got a 0.13.

Not that FixYa’s users found the iPhone 5 flawless, complaining about battery life, lack of new features and no customizability. On the other hand, Samsung phones were widely criticized for microphone and spaker issues, while Nokia owners complained of lag and a lack of apps. Finally, Motorola users most often complained about “the fact that Motorola devices come with preinstalled bloatware that cannot be removed.”

Notice anything there? To find things to criticize about the iPhone 5, FixYa had to report issues that had nothing to do with reliability, like “lack of new features” and “no customizability.” That says a lot about how good the iPhone is as a phone.

Source: FixYa

  • Zomp

    wow.. i actually consider myself a power user on both Mac and PC’s – but nowhere close to the way some really smart people use a machine. Point is – I do an awful lot of customizing and way beyond the typical user – So, I really have not seen any faults in customizing the iPhone and making it a very productive tool. Perhaps some people just want to tinker all day to see what they can control??? I don’t know – but I would like to be enlightened by others to learn what I’m missing. I’m deep into Apple’s eco system now and every device communicates perfectly with another along with my iTV.
    Most people are happy just to be able to turn on their smartphone – but to customize?? that term means nothing to 95 percent of the users.
    Glad to see iPhone has a better user experience – The numbers are going to change soon in favor of iPhone,,, not that I care; but I’ve learned by talking to many people my age (50) and much older that they will be purchasing i devices this year. Most were give smartphone or tablet as a cheap gift to them and they can’t wait to get rid of them. One lady told me she received the Samsung from her daughter and her daughter went out and got an iPhone for herself. OK.. i’m off topic now. adios!

  • craigburdett

    Math much John?

    1.21 x 3 > 3.47

    So iPhones are not quite 3 times as reliable as the Samsung.

  • joewaylo

    Reliability minus the Mapsability

  • Alexander Bogatskiy

    3 is actually just 200% more than 1…

  • jackfrost91402

    Spaker..what’s that a new word for apple lovers?

  • Bazza1

    The problem with success is that you’ve got to keep being a success, and that has its own issues –

    For Apple, I’ve got a 2 year old iPhone 4 which works just fine and I’ve not seen anything in subsequent models that would compel me to buy into them.
    For Me, I’ve got a 2 year old iPhone 4 which works just fine and I’ve not seen anything in subsequent models that would compel me to buy into them.

    If the old hardware works pretty much as well as the new (and the OS is not an issue) then it argues the 2 year old product was cutting edge while the new, well…isn’t.

  • extra_medium

    Isn’t the pricing all very similar? At least across the newest of each brand.

  • brycery91

    I’m not hating or anything, but in order for you to access the same features you get stock on a galaxy s III (simple widgets, live wallpapers, interactive notification panel) you’d have to jailbreak your iPhone . iPhone stability plummets after jail-breaking.

  • jenifer1231

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