The Auris Adds Bluetooth Connectivity To Any 30-Pin Speaker Dock



Now that you’ve upgraded to the latest iOS devices, you’re probably wondering what to do with all your old 30-pin speaker docks. You could get a $30 Lightning to 30-pin adapter from Apple and continue to use them, but for just $15 extra, you can get the auris and turn them into wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Available now from, the auris sits on top of any 30-pin connector then allows you to connect to it via Bluetooth. Not only does this make your old speakers compatible with your new iOS devices, but it also makes them compatible with Android and other devices, too.

“The auris is a great solution to a problem many of us have encountered,” says Chris Johnson, Founder of “Sometimes we don’t want to dock our phones when listening to music. Or we have a really fantastic music dock that won’t work with the iPad or Android devices without long wires. Well, the auris enhances the way we use our docks and listen to music.”

The auris stores up to eight paired devices, and it will automatically sync and begin streaming music from the last connected device. It also has a 33-foot wireless range, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, and uses AptX coding to provide high-quality hi-fi stereo sound.

It even has a built-in microphone so that you can make and receive calls through your speaker dock, or control music playback using your voice. The auris doesn’t need its own power source — it simply uses the power supplied by the speaker, while its auxiliary port allows you to plug in a 3.5mm cable for headphones, an amplifier, or even a car stereo.

The auris is available to order now from BiteMyApple, and it’s priced at $49.99. You’ll find it using the source link below.

Source: BiteMyApple

  • CPD

    I bought one of these about a month ago. Except it’s black and only cost $20 at Target.

  • hanhothi

    Having just bought a spanking new iPod Nano7 to replace my Nano4, this would have been a good solution to fit in my old Altec Speakers. Instead, yesterday I purchased the Altec BlueTooth Soundblade. As they are now discontinued, they were a lot less than $45!

  • Derek Schlicker

    I got one of these during their kickstarter campaign. Love it.

  • SpicedOut65

    I got one of these as part of the Kickstarter launch – it’s a great little device. The only slight grumble I have is that the music played though it is noticeably thinner in the bass and low-mid tones. That said, it does allow me to use my otherwise redundant speaker-dock!