Flickr Update Brings @Username Tags And Notifications



Flickr’s iOS app, which pretty much relaunched the company into mobile after years of creeping neglect, has gotten a pretty significant update. No, it has’t yet gotten an iPad-native version, but you will like the new features nonetheless.

First up are some welcome but pedestrian changes – you can now save your own photos to your camera roll, as well as save the original, non-filtered versions of shots taken with the app. Uploading is faster, and the light-box view (the full-screeny, black-background view) now uses higher-res photos. And you can use the volume button to snap a picture.

But the coolest part is the improved social aspect. You can now use @-replies to tag users in comments. That is, you could write @mistercharlie in a comment and it will autocomplete my name, turn that tag into a link (to my photo stream) and – if I have the option switched on – send me a notification.

If you use Instagram or Twitter, this will seem very familiar. It should also take Flickr another step closer to being a great Instagram alternative. I can’t wait – I love Instagram, but I certainly don’t like Facebook. The problem is everyone I know is on Instagram not Flickr.

Anyhow. Grab the update and – if you like – follow me. Better still, leave a comment so I can test these notifications – they don’t seem to activate if I add comments to my own pictures.

Source: App Shopper