Airframe, The Pocket-Sized Car Mount For iPhones



Despite the fact that you’ll probably end up killing someone because of it, you’re going to keep using your phone in the car. With this in mind, I bring tidings of the Airframe from Kenu, a tiny smartphone mount which clips to the louvers of your car’s ventilation holes and hugs the phone tightly. The idea is that your iPhone is now secure and convenient, making it less likely that you’ll mow down a cyclist while you try to compose a Tweet.

The part I like best about the Airframe is the name of the company that makes it: Kenu. Founded by Ken Minn, Kenu is clearly just his name with a U attached. We should all take inspiration from this. I will call my next endeavor “Charlieu,” which has the added bonus of sounding French and therefore very classy. Our own Killian Bell could start a company called Killianu, which would be some kind of deadly canoe bristling with guns.

And Erfonu could be… Well, pretty much any social networking product.

Back to the Airframe, which clamps onto any phone thanks to two spring-loaded, plastic-covered jaws and holds it right over the car’s heater, leaving the bottom and top edges free for you to insert cables (as you’re driving, of course).

How much for this wonder-device? $25, available for pre-order now.

Source: Kenu

  • joewaylo

    I tried this on other versions like the Rocketfish universal mount. It doesn’t work too well on most car vents.

  • ObsessDetailed

    What happens when you have to use the A\C or Heat in your vehicle? Nice simple idea but would be worried about damaging my iPhone.

  • B066Y

    Why is Mr Sorrel so hostile when it comes to cars? This isn’t the first article he has written that had a anti-car feel to it.

  • justinc333

    According to their product page:

    Looks like you can just turn the airflow of the particular vent you decide to mount the Airframe on off to avoid overheating. As it mounts to the outer louvers.

    Overall, looks like a simple and sleek solution for the everyday driver. I like!

  • wesleyvercammen

    This article is so hilarious.