Tweetbot For Mac Updated With A Killer New Feature: Notifications For Specific Users



Tweetbot for Mac has received a great new feature for keeping track of specific accounts. You can now receive custom notifications for individual Twitter users.

The app has also been updated with the ability to choose what kind of notifications appear in the dock or menubar icon. There’s timeline thumbnail support for Vine and Flickr, and a lot more.

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You now have more control over which notifications bug you.


Besides all of the other little fixes and tweaks, Tweetbot for Mac and iOS has been updated to meet Twitter’s new developer API restrictions. That means that all users will need to be on this latest version of Tweetbot by March 5th because all older versions will stop working. Some of the UI elements Twitter is imposing on third-party devs mean that “your own tweets will no longer be shown with an avatar on the right side of the timeline; profiles can now be opened on; and, you can click on the timestamp in a tweet’s detail view to open that tweet directly in the browser with a single click,” according to MacStories. You can also see each account’s @username next to the profile name in the timeline.

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Hey, Buster!

The coolest part of this Tweetbot update is the ability to receive notifications for specific users. Just control-click someone you follow and enable notifications to have them show up in Mountain Lion. This needs to be a feature for the iPhone and iPad versions. Push notifications for certain accounts would be really nice.

Full release notes for Tweetbot 1.2 for Mac below:

– New options for menubar icon and dock badge. See Notifications in Preferences.
– Enable/disable notifications when a specific user tweets. Control-click on a user you are following and choose ‘Enable/Disable Notifications’ from the context menu.
– Thumbnail support for Vine and Flickr.
– Ability to reorder accounts in account preferences.
– Support for adding .mp4 video to tweets.
– Fixed issue with uploading animated gifs.
– Can now drag .mp4 or images into app icon to create a new tweet.
– Can now open profiles or tweets on
– Clicking on the date label in the status detail will open in your browser.
– If the username/hashtag completion popover appears and you press up arrow when there’s no selection or the top item selected, the popover now goes away. Same when at the bottom.
– Fixed the issue where ‘goto user’ would fail if there was a space before or after the username.
– Fixed the issue where a twitter search url didn’t work as expected in some cases.
– Fixed the issue where if someone faved your tweet it looked like you faved it.
– ‘View in Favstar’ now respects open links in background preference
– Fixed the issue where when creating new tweet, typing something, hitting escape and then clicking somewhere would dismiss the tweet.
– Fixed the issue with changing muted keyword durations.
– Updated to use Twitter’s 1.1 API.
– Updated to meet some of Twitter’s new UI requirements.

Source: Tweetbot

Via: MacStories


  • war_by_proxy

    I used the Tweetbot beta and it was really good; however, I feel that there is no way a Twitter app could be worth $20, unless it is necessary for your job.