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Get Siri To List Possible Commands For You [iOS TIps]


What's up, doc?
What's up, doc?

So, you can scour the internet to get tips on what kinds of things you can ask Siri to do, right? Heck, we have several specific Siri tips right here on Cult of Mac.

But what if you just want to have a nice list of the commands that Siri will know and answer you with? Well, ask her!

Click and hold the Home button to engage Siri, and ask, “What can you do?” Alternately, you can tap the little “i” information button in the upper right.

Siri will return a long list of the things you can ask, including calling a contact, launching an app, messaging a contact, adding a calendar entry, finding sports scores, and getting directions via Maps. You can ask Siri to tweet for you, post to Facebook, find local restaurants, and get you movie times for local theaters. And a ton more.

Tap on any of the arrows to the right and you’ll get even more specific examples of how you can ask Siri to make your life just a little bit more automated and easy.

This list of possible Siri commands is long, and scrollable, and not exhaustive, but it’s a great place to start when you’re messing about and trying to figure out cool new ways to use Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, right?

Via: OS X Daily